The British Insurance Awards

Attracting 2,000 guests from all over the country, the BIAs are truly a night for the whole insurance community. 28 categories cover general insurance, SMEs, claims specialists, brokers, underwriters and companies that provide services to the UK insurance sector.

British Insurance Awards

The British Insurance Awards will now be taking place in your home office! 

Get ready for the BEST virtual awards you'll see this year!

17 November 2020
2020-11-17 19:00:50 +0000

Ohhhh things are getting exciting!

It's been a while since we announced our EXTRAVAGANZA, and we have been furiously working on getting the best event you'll attend nailed. So the BIG question is... 

Will it look like every other online awards ceremony?

Absolutely not! We’ve got a studio being set up in a top secret location, which will hold not one, not two, but THREE hosts! Did we mention the whole thing is going to be LIVE?! Yes, we’re working with our hosts to bring you an evening of exciting LIVE action. Prepare to be dazzled!

Will there be entertainment?

It wouldn’t be the BIA’s without entertainment. We’re not known for stuffy awards ceremonies are we? I mean, just look at the video above! We bring the raucous energy, the singing, the clapping, the cheering, and this event is no different. You do have a part to play in this, which we’ll tell you more about.

Ok, what’s the part I play?

Funny you should ask? So, we have so many fabulous prizes on order, John Lewis mistook it for a wedding list! There will be tonnes of opportunities to win something across the night, so be sure to tune in for the duration, get on your finest outfits, give the cat a brush and try to win one of our Best Dressed, Best Cocktail Selfie, Best Dance moves and Best British Insurance Award Pet prizes. 


Is there a secret handshake or code to get in?

There is a guestlist and we really want those who entered the awards to enjoy it. Those that entered will receive an invite link from us the week of the event. For now, plan your outfit, order in your celebratory bubbles and look out for a communication from us in the coming days. If you haven’t entered the BIA’s this year (entries for 2021 open in January) pop us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

Ok that’s enough excitement for one day!